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Allen, Dick 1964 434Allen, Dick 1964 Phillies 3BAllen, Dick 1965 Phillies 355Allen, Dick 1965 Phillies BW 313Allen, Dick 1966 398Allen, Dick 1966 SheaAllen, Dick 1967 430Allen, Dick 1967 439Allen, Dick 1967 Frank Robinson 438Allen, Dick 1967 Frank Robinson 441Allen, Dick 1969 Phillies P01Allen, Dick 1969 Phils1BAllen, Dick 1970 1BAllen, Dick 1970 autoAllen, Dick 1970 bondsAllen, Dick 1970 Cardinals 341Allen, Dick 1970 Cardinals lead 247Allen, Dick 1970 cardinals swing at SheaAllen, Dick 1970 CardsAllen, Dick 1970 Wrigley

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Guestbook for Dick Allen
Thanks for the homage to Dick Allen. Growing up in South Jersey as a Phillies fan in the mid 60s, I became a great admirer of Dick - or at the time Richie - Allen. Kind of interesting, I had a chance to look up the performances of Dick Allen and Johnny Callison during the 1964 collapse. Neither player collapsed - though the rest of the team did. Allen batted over .400 during the final 12 games of the season; Callison batted in the .270s - consistent with his overall average for the year. Thanks again for some memories of an exciting, original player.
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